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The Ultimate Hair Brush Guide



  1. The Paddle Brush — This is the perfect EVERYTHING brush. It is especially helpful if you have really long or really thick hair because it is able to tame it all at once and give you a sleeker and healthier look.
  2. The Fine-Tooth Comb — These types of combs are perfect for small hair tasks such as teasing or creating your perfect part.
  3. The Wide-Tooth Comb — These combs have large gaps, so they are perfect for getting the tangles out of your hair prior to showering. They are also great for people who have frizzy hair!
  4. The Skinny Round Brush — This brush works perfectly for bangs or for short hair. It helps give short hair that natural curve at the bottom, while also smoothing your hair while drying.
  5. The Half Radial Brush — This is the perfect brush for kids hair that is short and fine. It also works great for bobs because it helps to curl the ends up or under.
  6. The Thermal Brush — This brush is the best for drying your hair. It helps to lock in heat and give you a much faster drying time.
  7. The Detangler Brush — This brush is perfect for everyday detangling. It is also perfect for fussy kids who don’t like to have their hair brushed. It easily glides through hair because it has a wavy bristle pattern.
  8. The Large Round Brush — This is another great brush. It is great for either blowing your hair out straight or giving it a nice loose curl. This should be a staple brush in your hairstyling drawer.

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