We can now deep clean our pores in minutes, with no pain at all! DermaSuction is a powerful vacuum for our face. The strong suction removes blackheads, dirt and more from our pores. You’ll be amazed at everything it extracts.

DermaSuction has two different power settings, so you can alternate depending on what area you are cleaning. It also comes with four probes. The main oval probe smooths areas with fine lines and stimulates circulation in skin. It also includes a small and large probe. The small probe is great for sensitive skin, such as the face, and helps reduce blemishes. For other areas of the body (arms, legs, back) the large probe is beneficial. Lastly, the sonic probe exfoliates any dead skin. Great for around the nose and other areas that tend to be more dry.

This handy little device will change the way you clean your face. It leaves your skin feeling cleaner than ever before. Squeezing pimples is painful and can leave scars. Let DermaSuction pull all the impurities out of your skin – the quick and painless way!


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