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Kim Kardashian: Best Hair & Makeup…Worst Grammy Date!

Of course, I wanted to go ahead and talk about the Grammy Awards, since they were just the other night. I always LOVE watching the Grammys too see what everyone is wearing, what their hair looks like, and of course, their makeup! This year, I was a little disappointed by the outfit choices though. Rihanna’s dress was huge, Kim Kardashian wore a bathrobe, and I don’t even know what Madonna was wearing…it just wasn’t good!

BUT…Did you see Kim Kardashian’s hair and makeup? LOVED it! Her new “bob-ish” hair is my fave! It was perfectly texturized for the Grammys, and even though I would expect something a little more glam, I was still super happy with this hair. I think that this was probably the best choice since I don’t think she could have had super glam hair because she was already wearing a super glam…bath robe.

Anyways, I still loved her hair and makeup look. Here is a video so you can see too, incase you didn’t watch. I’m sure you did though!

I kind of had a change of heart for the Kimye couple after the Grammys the other night though. We all remember back in 2009, when Kanye West decided to interrupt Taylor Swifts Grammy win. Well, he almost did it again the other night while Beck was receiving an award. Everyone laughed because they all though it was a big joke. Then Kanye went backstage and bashed Beck saying he didn’t really deserve the award, Beyonce did.

It was a little weird that he felt the need to come to Beyonce’s defense…AGAIN. I don’t really see him going to Kim’s defense too often, but he is always there for Beyonce.

He wasn’t even in that category though! So, just sit down Kanye.

Here is his speech about how beck should have respected “artistry” and given Beyonce the Grammy.

Who is he talking about when he says, “We tired of it!”? It seems like a direct diss towards white people. If a white artist had dissed a black artist like this at multiple Grammy awards, there would be an uproar. They’d be destroyed by the media and the music industry. It is hard to know what his intentions were with that speech, but there has been no clarification, so I’m going to have to take it as it stands.

He sort of apologized to Beck in a Kanye type of way. So, hopefully that resolves things, and maybe at the next Grammy awards Beyonce will make the best album so we can keep him in his seat!


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