I don’t know if I’m quite yet mentally prepared for the freezing temps that will be here before we know it. The thought of having to put multiple layers on and get all bundled up in order to do any activity that involves leaving the house always seems like such a hassle. Plus, nothing is worse than having cold, wet feet!

35° BELOW® SOCKS are no ordinary socks. They reflect your natural body heat to keep your feet warm at all times. Developed from Aerospace Fabric Technology, they are made of aluminized threads that are woven into a breathable, nylon knit fabric. They minimize perspiration and moisture to help keep your feet warm and dry in cold conditions. The lightweight material can be worn under regular socks, or are also durable enough on their own.

Whether it’s on your route to work, an outdoor run, shoveling the driveway or even inside the house 35° BELOW® SOCKS will keep your feet nice and warm. They can be worn with any shoe – work boots, snow boots, dress shoes, tennis shoes & more. Perfect for the whole family, even children. Make sure you’re all prepared this winter with 35° BELOW® SOCKS!


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