Ideal Conceal

We all have our insecurities when it comes to our bodies. During the summer it can sometimes be even more difficult to hide those insecurities with shorts, swimsuits, etc. Especially when everyone around you seems to have perfectly bronzed bodies. Well for all of you pale people out there…I FEEL YOU! I’ve tried it all in the past. Tanning lotion – streaks. Self-Tanner Mousse – sweats off. Spray Tans – expensive. You get the point.

One of my friends told me about Ideal Conceal and convinced me it was worth giving a shot. Well everyone, I’m glad I listened. It gave me instant color without the hassle of everything else I’ve tried in the past. It’s water proof, sweat proof and really does last. Plus I don’t have to worry about it rubbing off on my clothes – not even white shirts. I went with the Medium/Dark color and was very impressed with how it turned out.

The lightweight formula is perfect to get that summer glow, but also helps with other imperfections us ladies may have. It can conceal age spots, cellulite, scars, veins, stretch marks and more! Even cover up tattoos you may no longer want exposed. Ideal Conceal is here to help us all feel confident in our bodies again!


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