Banner_300x250_1Are you a girl that loves to twirl? Then spin in to the fun new way to style your hair with Glam Twirl™.

Just flip the switch to twirl then flip again to twist and braid, and in just seconds you have double-strand trendy braids. Then simply switch the Braider Head with the Wrapper Head and you have two amazing stylers in one. Place any colored thread on the wand and pull it trough. It’s a snap to instantly wrap your hair in a rainbow of color. You can even add beads to dazzle and match any outfit.

No more plain and boring hairstyles! Just braid it, wrap it, and bead it! You can style your hair a different way everyday. You can find everything you need in the Glam Twirl™ Style Guide.

Every girl loves to twirl at Glam Twirl™ parties. It’s so fast and so fun and the styling wand creates a different look for everyone. No matter how you wear your hair, Glam Twirl™ is always tons of fun to share. Wraps, Beads, or Braids, Glam Twirl™ give you an exciting new look.

The Glam Twirl™ Wrapper has so many color wraps and beads and it makes it a snap to create an instant wrap. Then add beautiful beads for a fun new accent. You can create fast and trendy braids and wraps with the automatic and easy Glam Twirl™ Hair Styler.

You can get the Glam Twirl™ Battery Powered Styling Wand with attachments, 4 Color Threads, 24 Beads, 50 Rubber Bands, and the Style Guide all for just $19.99 plus $6.99 P&H.

If you want to braid it, wrap it, or bead it then you need Glam Twirl™!


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