I love shopping for jewelry, especially earrings, and big statement earrings have become quite the trend over the past couple of years. Since I have very small ears, my main worry is heavy earrings weighing down my lobes. I always envy my friends when I see them rocking the most fashionable statement earrings. Great news though for all of you out there with this issue too, because I think I may have just found us a solution! MagicBax are the new earring backs that are going to change the way you wear your earrings.

All you have to do is slide MagicBax onto your earring post, same as you would with any earring back. You’ll be amazed at the different outcome though! The heart shaped design secures your earring against your earlobe, giving it an instant lift and positioning it right in place. Plus it’s designed to be adjustable so it works for any size earring post. Use with your studs, hoops, statement earrings – you name it.

Wearing earrings every day can be damaging to our earlobes, but now we can make sure we are protecting them at all times! Whether it’s giving our daily studs the lift they need or keeping statement earrings secure for a night out, MagicBax allows us to wear our earrings with confidence. They are available in both Sterling Silver or 18k Gold Plated. Be sure to check them out for yourself – your ears will thank you!



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