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14Aug 2018

Get Smooth Legs Instantly with Finishing Touch Flawless Legs!

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Finishing Touch Flawless Legs

Shaving our legs daily can be SUCH a hassle. I recently tried using Finishing Touch Flawless Legs and what a difference it makes! Now I can have smooth legs in half the time it used to take me. The unique design has 4 floating heads giving you 4x more coverage than the average razor. Plus it easily glides over those hard to reach and often missed spots – our knees & ankles.  

I was skeptical at first that no water or soap was needed. With sensitive skin, I’ve always had to use shaving cream to avoid dealing with major razor burn. I’ve used Finishing Touch Flawless Legs for a few weeks now without any irritation at all. It’s hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin! The built-in LED lights also make it easier to see and remove hair without annoying nicks or cuts.

Finally we can all say goodbye to time consuming hair removal! No waxing, no razor burn AND the smoothest legs you’ll ever have! Also can we talk about how much money this product saves you? You no longer have to purchase razors, shaving cream, or even batteries. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs is rechargeable and comes with a USB cord. Get smooth legs instantly and anywhere with this handy, portable device!

Check it out for yourself!


16Jun 2017

Remove Your Unwanted Hair with Finishing Touch FLAWLESS!

Not only have I been able to try out Spin Spa recently but, I also came across this product called Finishing Touch Flawless. I actually found it on another new blog I’ve been following. Check out their beauty blog reviews here: Finishing Touch Flawless Reviews

Finishing Touch Flawless is the cutest little hair removal device I have ever gotten. I’ts by the Finishing Touch brand. I’ve seen their products before but, I finally bought this one. Mine is almost rose gold and gold. It’s super cute and literally looks like a lipstick.

I hate tweezers so much and for the longest time that is all I have been using. My mom told me that was the best way because, hair grows back thicker which, is a total myth. I found mine for about twenty bucks HERE. You just glide it over your skin in a circular motion back and forth and it pulls the hair right out. You CAN use it on thick hair or thin hair. My peach fuzz is really light but, I was able to remove the little hair abov my lip with this effortlessly.

Let’s just say, I finally showed this to my mom and she was impressed. No more tweezers for her. Hahaha. I love that it lights up to so I can look in the mirror and see exactly where my hairs are at. I hate having to use the light on my phone. Half the time the light is covered up by my hand.

I like being able to see what others think of the product too so, I’ve left a video below for you to check out. The girl in the video has dark hair but, it was able to be removed easily. The longer hairs took more time to remove. Shorter hairs are easier to remove. ALSO, it doesn’t cut you! I am able to touch it when it’s turned on with my bare finger and it doesn’t nick my skin at all, it’s totally safe. I’ve used finishing touch so far on my upper lip and chin hairs. I plan to check out how it works on my baby hairs and sideburns as well.

Please don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself and comment below letting me know about your Finishing Touch Flawless experience!

Check out a demo/review from YouTube I found of the product here:

Order Finishing Touch Flawless Here!!

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