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14Aug 2018

Ideal Conceal – The Instant Body Enhancer

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Ideal Conceal

We all have our insecurities when it comes to our bodies. During the summer it can sometimes be even more difficult to hide those insecurities with shorts, swimsuits, etc. Especially when everyone around you seems to have perfectly bronzed bodies. Well for all of you pale people out there…I FEEL YOU! I’ve tried it all in the past. Tanning lotion – streaks. Self-Tanner Mousse – sweats off. Spray Tans – expensive. You get the point.

One of my friends told me about Ideal Conceal and convinced me it was worth giving a shot. Well everyone, I’m glad I listened. It gave me instant color without the hassle of everything else I’ve tried in the past. It’s water proof, sweat proof and really does last. Plus I don’t have to worry about it rubbing off on my clothes – not even white shirts. I went with the Medium/Dark color and was very impressed with how it turned out.

The lightweight formula is perfect to get that summer glow, but also helps with other imperfections us ladies may have. It can conceal age spots, cellulite, scars, veins, stretch marks and more! Even cover up tattoos you may no longer want exposed. Ideal Conceal is here to help us all feel confident in our bodies again!

14Aug 2018

Get Smooth Legs Instantly with Finishing Touch Flawless Legs!

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Finishing Touch Flawless Legs

Shaving our legs daily can be SUCH a hassle. I recently tried using Finishing Touch Flawless Legs and what a difference it makes! Now I can have smooth legs in half the time it used to take me. The unique design has 4 floating heads giving you 4x more coverage than the average razor. Plus it easily glides over those hard to reach and often missed spots – our knees & ankles.  

I was skeptical at first that no water or soap was needed. With sensitive skin, I’ve always had to use shaving cream to avoid dealing with major razor burn. I’ve used Finishing Touch Flawless Legs for a few weeks now without any irritation at all. It’s hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin! The built-in LED lights also make it easier to see and remove hair without annoying nicks or cuts.

Finally we can all say goodbye to time consuming hair removal! No waxing, no razor burn AND the smoothest legs you’ll ever have! Also can we talk about how much money this product saves you? You no longer have to purchase razors, shaving cream, or even batteries. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs is rechargeable and comes with a USB cord. Get smooth legs instantly and anywhere with this handy, portable device!

Check it out for yourself!


21Aug 2017

Active Bright: Make Your Smile Shine!

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So I am getting married in the fall and you know that I HAD to find something to give me those pearly whites!

I was researching which products are best to use on your teeth for whitening. I also have sensitive teeth so I was taking this into consideration as well. I luckily went online and found this awesome product called Active Bright. It is made of natural ingredients and is a super healthy and effective way to clean and whiten your teeth. Whether you have coffee stains or plaque build up, it’s great for whatever the issue may be!

We all want to have that perfect smile to show off to our friends.

I’m glad I purchased this and it’s actually SUPER CHEAP!  I got it for $10. ALSO, it shipped quickly. I was happy to find out it has 120 uses you can get out of it which makes it totally worth the buy. I seen results immediately after the first use. I’m going to use it sparingly until the wedding. Then I plan to use it daily for a couple weeks prior.

Bottom line, stop what you’re doing and buy Active Bright!

Try it out for yourself and comment below about your Active Bright experience!

16Jun 2017

Remove Your Unwanted Hair with Finishing Touch FLAWLESS!

Not only have I been able to try out Spin Spa recently but, I also came across this product called Finishing Touch Flawless. I actually found it on another new blog I’ve been following. Check out their beauty blog reviews here: Finishing Touch Flawless Reviews

Finishing Touch Flawless is the cutest little hair removal device I have ever gotten. I’ts by the Finishing Touch brand. I’ve seen their products before but, I finally bought this one. Mine is almost rose gold and gold. It’s super cute and literally looks like a lipstick.

I hate tweezers so much and for the longest time that is all I have been using. My mom told me that was the best way because, hair grows back thicker which, is a total myth. I found mine for about twenty bucks HERE. You just glide it over your skin in a circular motion back and forth and it pulls the hair right out. You CAN use it on thick hair or thin hair. My peach fuzz is really light but, I was able to remove the little hair abov my lip with this effortlessly.

Let’s just say, I finally showed this to my mom and she was impressed. No more tweezers for her. Hahaha. I love that it lights up to so I can look in the mirror and see exactly where my hairs are at. I hate having to use the light on my phone. Half the time the light is covered up by my hand.

I like being able to see what others think of the product too so, I’ve left a video below for you to check out. The girl in the video has dark hair but, it was able to be removed easily. The longer hairs took more time to remove. Shorter hairs are easier to remove. ALSO, it doesn’t cut you! I am able to touch it when it’s turned on with my bare finger and it doesn’t nick my skin at all, it’s totally safe. I’ve used finishing touch so far on my upper lip and chin hairs. I plan to check out how it works on my baby hairs and sideburns as well.

Please don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself and comment below letting me know about your Finishing Touch Flawless experience!

Check out a demo/review from YouTube I found of the product here:

Order Finishing Touch Flawless Here!!

16Jun 2017

I’M BACK with my Spin Spa Product Review!

I know it’s been a while but, HELLO!! I’m back and I have a new review for you all!

I’ve recently tried out the new Spin Spa and let me just say it is great!
Spin Spa you will have the most refreshing shower experience! I hate paying for spa treatments and luckily now, I don’t have to.

It has multiple heads you can interchange, four to be exact. I LOVE that I can use my own soaps and body scrubs as well. It was not expensive at all either. I found mine for about twenty bucks. Spin Spa saves you time and is easier on your body! I especially love the pumice head that allows you to scrub your calluses and leave your feet looking and feeling smooth and soft.

My friend recently discovered this too and she enjoys it a lot. I think it’s cute and super affordable. The cleansing luffa is the perfect size and it actually spins pretty fast. However, I can also change the settings to my perfect preference.

It has a long handle also that allows me to reach the middle of my back and my legs. It’s the perfect size and it glides easily over my skin. I even told my grandmother about it. She loved it so I bought her one as well. She is now able to shower safely and easily. My mom used to worry about her trying to bend over and reach different parts of her body but, now she doesn’t have to.

It’s so easy to use and totally worth the buy. With Spin Spa, I can do everything at home and still look like I just left the spa. I love how my body feels after using it. I promise you won’t be wasting your money.

Check it out for yourself and comment below letting me know about your Spin Spa experience!

Check out a demonstration/review I found of the product here:

Order the Spin Spa Here!

19Jul 2016

6 things you should get rid of RIGHT NOW

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I’m always a firm believer that if you don’t love it you need to toss it. It clears up your life and your mood. It’s amazing. As I was going through my things over the weekend I noticed a trend of things that took me longer than it should have to show the door. So without further hesitation here are 6 things you should get rid of RIGHT NOW:


Not many people know this but makeup actually does expire! Makeup is the best place for bacteria to grow and it can actually make you sick! Use this handy dandy little chart to let you know what you should be throwing away.

Powders (blushes, bronzers, and shadows) = Two years

Cream Shadows and Blushes = 12 – 18 months

Oil – free foundation = 1 year

Cream compact foundation = 18 months

Concealers = 12 – 18 months

Lipstick and lip liner = 1 year

Lip gloss = 18 -24 months

Pencil Eyeliner = 2 years

Liquid or gel liner = 3 months

Mascara = 3 months



I am the biggest offender on this one. I constantly tell myself: “I know I haven’t worn this is a year but….” the fact of the matter is that closets get full and trends die. You need to try and be honest with yourself if you are going to wear said item. Here’s a trick I learned:

Flip all your hangers to face you and then as you wear things turn them the right way around. After 1 year whatever is left turned facing you gets donated so the decision is made for you!




Ah yes – the ultimate comfort from your childhood. You don’t know how you collected so many but now you’re 24 and questioning if Mr. Snugglebumps is the reason you’re still single you might be on to something. Joking aside Stuff animals are clutter causers and while you might think they have emotions they are truly just fabric and stuffing. Only keep the really cute ones.

4. Your high school room color.

You really liked pink once and while you still like pink you don’t need to be reminded of it every waking moment you spend in your room. Upgrade your room look with a fresh coat of paint! You’ll be surprised how quickly it transforms your room.

5. Your Old Bed Sheets

Your bed is your happy place and while you love your comfy 5+ year old sheets it might be time to donate them to your local humane society and give yourself an excuse to get something like this:


6. Negativity 

Life is too short. Try to live every day to its fullest!

10Jun 2016

Rainbow Highligher!!!!

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So remember when I posted the Jeffree Star video of him testing out the Rainbow Highlighter by Bittersweet Beauty?

Well those highlighters have been sold out for quite some time and they are on pre-order a year in advance which doesn’t work out for magical unicorns like me that NEED that highlighter in the worst way.

I stumbled upon this though – it seems like the As Seen On TV industry got wind of this trend and made a product to emulate it.


Meet Illuminating Color.





You can buy  it here! https://www.illuminatingcolor.com/?mid=8425731

09May 2016

Confession: I shave my face and here’s why

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This has been a really hot topic in beauty for the past few months and it seems like the opinions are split. Many big time beauty Gurus admit to shaving their face so that their makeup sets better while others swear it gives them thicker hair after they shave it.

Let’s  get one thing straight off the bat: Your mom was wrong, you hair WILL NOT GROW BACK THICKER AFTER YOU SHAVE IT. This goes for your legs, arms, and your face.

Some women struggle with darker hair on their face they might be well versed in the subject.

So when it comes to applying make up I’ve realized a few things shaving v.s. no shaving.

I am a white girl with blonde hair growing out of my face AKA (baby hair)

I also suffer from acne.

I’ve realized that when I shave my face my acne improves and so does the look of my makeup. However, every woman is different and may have different reactions.

Here’s the bottom line.

1. Use a sharp razor


If you follow these 2 simple steps you will be on your way to shaving your face and feeling like a babies butt.

29Apr 2016

3 Lipsticks You Can Get If You Missed Out On The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

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If you are one of the many people that missed out on that sought after Kylie Jenner Lip Kit have no fear! I have you covered. All of these are great formulas and are sure to help you achieve that trendy matte look!

1. NYX Liquid Suede

NYX Liquid Suede - Cherry Skies

This bold lip will surly stop people in their tracks. You can buy this (and many other shades) Here: http://amzn.to/1QFFmf9


2. Lime Crime Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Lime Crime Velvetines - Peacock

Shop for this here: http://amzn.to/1WvSdrc


3. Jeffree Star Liqud Lipsticks

Enjoy the deep colors of Jeffree Star’s cosmetic line available here: http://amzn.to/1SDuwse

03Feb 2016

Simply Straight — Does It Really Work?

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When it’s time to straighten your curly hair, you could spray on the chemicals, wrestle with a blow dryer and brush, or waste even more time with a flat iron that literally flattens and fries your hair.

Or you could simply brush your curly hair straight instantly with Simply Straight™. It’s the amazing new ceramic straightening brush that combines the power of a flat iron with the gentle styling ability of a brush to make straightening your hair as easy as brushing your hair.

No flat iron damage and no chemicals! No more hassle! And because you straighten and style in one pass, you’re done in half the time! The secret is Simply Straight’s ceramic wrapped bristles that lift hair at the root to deliver gentle heat around every strand without flattening or frying your hair.

“Flat irons are a problem. It fries your hair! Literally burns your hair, but Simply Straight™ makes it easy and with one brush I can get the job done”.

“I tried the chemical straighteners but they stink, they’re horrible, and they’re damaging to my hair. What I love about Simply Straight is that I can do my hair all by myself and have wonderful professional results”.

Now straightening the back of your hair is as easy as brushing it.

Any type of hair and any length, it’s perfect for all ages!

“It’s a lot easier than having to go to the salon and having to get it blown out and styled. With Simply Straight™, it’s just so much easier. I can do everything at home and still look like I just left the salon”.

Stop wasting time with your old‐fashioned flat iron that flattens and fries your hair.

Forget expensive hair straightening brushes that can cost up to $300.00 and simply brush your hair straight with Simply Straight™ for just $39.99 and the shipping is free. You’ll also receive our Deluxe Travel Case absolutely free!

Order the Amazing Simply Straight™ Here!

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