I’m always a firm believer that if you don’t love it you need to toss it. It clears up your life and your mood. It’s amazing. As I was going through my things over the weekend I noticed a trend of things that took me longer than it should have to show the door. So without further hesitation here are 6 things you should get rid of RIGHT NOW:


Not many people know this but makeup actually does expire! Makeup is the best place for bacteria to grow and it can actually make you sick! Use this handy dandy little chart to let you know what you should be throwing away.

Powders (blushes, bronzers, and shadows) = Two years

Cream Shadows and Blushes = 12 – 18 months

Oil – free foundation = 1 year

Cream compact foundation = 18 months

Concealers = 12 – 18 months

Lipstick and lip liner = 1 year

Lip gloss = 18 -24 months

Pencil Eyeliner = 2 years

Liquid or gel liner = 3 months

Mascara = 3 months



I am the biggest offender on this one. I constantly tell myself: “I know I haven’t worn this is a year but….” the fact of the matter is that closets get full and trends die. You need to try and be honest with yourself if you are going to wear said item. Here’s a trick I learned:

Flip all your hangers to face you and then as you wear things turn them the right way around. After 1 year whatever is left turned facing you gets donated so the decision is made for you!




Ah yes – the ultimate comfort from your childhood. You don’t know how you collected so many but now you’re 24 and questioning if Mr. Snugglebumps is the reason you’re still single you might be on to something. Joking aside Stuff animals are clutter causers and while you might think they have emotions they are truly just fabric and stuffing. Only keep the really cute ones.

4. Your high school room color.

You really liked pink once and while you still like pink you don’t need to be reminded of it every waking moment you spend in your room. Upgrade your room look with a fresh coat of paint! You’ll be surprised how quickly it transforms your room.

5. Your Old Bed Sheets

Your bed is your happy place and while you love your comfy 5+ year old sheets it might be time to donate them to your local humane society and give yourself an excuse to get something like this:


6. Negativity 

Life is too short. Try to live every day to its fullest!


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