11Sep 2018

Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry During Those Cold Months!

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I don’t know if I’m quite yet mentally prepared for the freezing temps that will be here before we know it. The thought of having to put multiple layers on and get all bundled up in order to do any activity that involves leaving the house always seems like such a hassle. Plus, nothing is worse than having cold, wet feet!

35° BELOW® SOCKS are no ordinary socks. They reflect your natural body heat to keep your feet warm at all times. Developed from Aerospace Fabric Technology, they are made of aluminized threads that are woven into a breathable, nylon knit fabric. They minimize perspiration and moisture to help keep your feet warm and dry in cold conditions. The lightweight material can be worn under regular socks, or are also durable enough on their own.

Whether it’s on your route to work, an outdoor run, shoveling the driveway or even inside the house 35° BELOW® SOCKS will keep your feet nice and warm. They can be worn with any shoe – work boots, snow boots, dress shoes, tennis shoes & more. Perfect for the whole family, even children. Make sure you’re all prepared this winter with 35° BELOW® SOCKS!

11Sep 2018

Everyday Back Support – Copper Fit™ Advanced Back PRO

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The older we get, the more aches and pains we have to deal with. Lately I’ve noticed it all seems to be in my lower back. From sitting at a desk for long hours, running, and working out there is a lot of added pressure on that area. A friend of mine recently told me about Copper Fit Advanced Back PRO and said it was unlike anything else she had tried in the past, so I decided to give it a shot.

As soon as you put it on, the form-fitting compression relieves any stress on your lower back muscles. It’s lightweight so it can be worn under your clothes all day without anyone noticing. The moisture-wicking & copper-infused fabric absorbs sweat and odor making it great for wearing during workouts as well. Copper Fit Advanced Back PRO has been a lifesaver for me both at work and when running. The 4 built-in stabilizing supports help improve my posture at my desk and still give me full range of motion for workouts. I no longer wake up every morning with a stiff back.

If back pain is impacting your life, let Copper Fit Advanced Back PRO help. The adjustable design has double-belt closure to give you the customized compression you need. Quit suffering and get all day support and relief. Your back muscles will thank you!

07Sep 2018

Relieve Nerve Pain The Natural Way!

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Nerve Pain AwayMy mother is often complaining about her feet aching. Since she doesn’t like to take pills, she’s always on the lookout for different remedies to try. When I ran across Nerve Pain Away in the store, I picked one up for her. Directions were to spray it on either your hands or feet and instantly feel the pain lessen. What could be easier than that?

She has been very pleased with the results and now recommends it to anyone she knows dealing with nerve pain. Whether she has aches first thing in the morning or at the end of a long day, Nerve Pain Away is fast acting and provides relief with a simple spray. It’s made from all-natural plant extracts and is formulated in the United States. The special formula contains the active ingredient hypericum perforatum, which is recognized for its pain relieving properties.

If you or anyone you know deals with tingling, burning or numbness in their hands or feet I would highly recommend giving Nerve Pain Away a try.

05Sep 2018

Stunning, Flawless Brows Without Any Pain!

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After such great results with Finishing Touch Flawless Legs, I decided to give Flawless Brows by Finishing Touch a try. I’m all for convenience when it comes to beauty and this one didn’t let me down. I’ve tried everything in the past. Threading was a one time thing (too thin for my personal preference). I tried waxing for quite a few years, but found my skin would often become irritated. The past year or so I’ve only been tweezing them, which we all know can be a little painful and time consuming. Flawless Brows is now my go-to for beautiful, perfect brows.

The precision hair remover quickly removes all of those tiny little hairs we often miss. You don’t have to grow them out, in order to wax or thread, and it’s gentle enough to use every day. The 18-karat gold plated head is hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. It’s also safe to the touch, making it perfect for young teenagers to use.

Flawless Brows is discreet and portable so you can throw it in your purse. The built-in LED light makes it easy to see for touch-ups in the car, the office or anywhere! No more pain, redness, or costly trips to the salon. Flawless Brows works like an eraser – instantly sweeping away unwanted hair around the brow. Reward yourself with stunning brows the simple way! Flawless Brows also makes a great gift for any women in your life. Check it out for yourself!

05Sep 2018

Leave Your Skin Feeling Cleaner Than Ever Before!

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We can now deep clean our pores in minutes, with no pain at all! DermaSuction is a powerful vacuum for our face. The strong suction removes blackheads, dirt and more from our pores. You’ll be amazed at everything it extracts.

DermaSuction has two different power settings, so you can alternate depending on what area you are cleaning. It also comes with four probes. The main oval probe smooths areas with fine lines and stimulates circulation in skin. It also includes a small and large probe. The small probe is great for sensitive skin, such as the face, and helps reduce blemishes. For other areas of the body (arms, legs, back) the large probe is beneficial. Lastly, the sonic probe exfoliates any dead skin. Great for around the nose and other areas that tend to be more dry.

This handy little device will change the way you clean your face. It leaves your skin feeling cleaner than ever before. Squeezing pimples is painful and can leave scars. Let DermaSuction pull all the impurities out of your skin – the quick and painless way!

24Aug 2018

Give Your Earrings An Instant Lift!

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I love shopping for jewelry, especially earrings, and big statement earrings have become quite the trend over the past couple of years. Since I have very small ears, my main worry is heavy earrings weighing down my lobes. I always envy my friends when I see them rocking the most fashionable statement earrings. Great news though for all of you out there with this issue too, because I think I may have just found us a solution! MagicBax are the new earring backs that are going to change the way you wear your earrings.

All you have to do is slide MagicBax onto your earring post, same as you would with any earring back. You’ll be amazed at the different outcome though! The heart shaped design secures your earring against your earlobe, giving it an instant lift and positioning it right in place. Plus it’s designed to be adjustable so it works for any size earring post. Use with your studs, hoops, statement earrings – you name it.

Wearing earrings every day can be damaging to our earlobes, but now we can make sure we are protecting them at all times! Whether it’s giving our daily studs the lift they need or keeping statement earrings secure for a night out, MagicBax allows us to wear our earrings with confidence. They are available in both Sterling Silver or 18k Gold Plated. Be sure to check them out for yourself – your ears will thank you!


14Aug 2018

Ideal Conceal – The Instant Body Enhancer

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Ideal Conceal

We all have our insecurities when it comes to our bodies. During the summer it can sometimes be even more difficult to hide those insecurities with shorts, swimsuits, etc. Especially when everyone around you seems to have perfectly bronzed bodies. Well for all of you pale people out there…I FEEL YOU! I’ve tried it all in the past. Tanning lotion – streaks. Self-Tanner Mousse – sweats off. Spray Tans – expensive. You get the point.

One of my friends told me about Ideal Conceal and convinced me it was worth giving a shot. Well everyone, I’m glad I listened. It gave me instant color without the hassle of everything else I’ve tried in the past. It’s water proof, sweat proof and really does last. Plus I don’t have to worry about it rubbing off on my clothes – not even white shirts. I went with the Medium/Dark color and was very impressed with how it turned out.

The lightweight formula is perfect to get that summer glow, but also helps with other imperfections us ladies may have. It can conceal age spots, cellulite, scars, veins, stretch marks and more! Even cover up tattoos you may no longer want exposed. Ideal Conceal is here to help us all feel confident in our bodies again!

14Aug 2018

Get Smooth Legs Instantly with Finishing Touch Flawless Legs!

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Finishing Touch Flawless Legs

Shaving our legs daily can be SUCH a hassle. I recently tried using Finishing Touch Flawless Legs and what a difference it makes! Now I can have smooth legs in half the time it used to take me. The unique design has 4 floating heads giving you 4x more coverage than the average razor. Plus it easily glides over those hard to reach and often missed spots – our knees & ankles.  

I was skeptical at first that no water or soap was needed. With sensitive skin, I’ve always had to use shaving cream to avoid dealing with major razor burn. I’ve used Finishing Touch Flawless Legs for a few weeks now without any irritation at all. It’s hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin! The built-in LED lights also make it easier to see and remove hair without annoying nicks or cuts.

Finally we can all say goodbye to time consuming hair removal! No waxing, no razor burn AND the smoothest legs you’ll ever have! Also can we talk about how much money this product saves you? You no longer have to purchase razors, shaving cream, or even batteries. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs is rechargeable and comes with a USB cord. Get smooth legs instantly and anywhere with this handy, portable device!

Check it out for yourself!


21Aug 2017

Active Bright: Make Your Smile Shine!

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So I am getting married in the fall and you know that I HAD to find something to give me those pearly whites!

I was researching which products are best to use on your teeth for whitening. I also have sensitive teeth so I was taking this into consideration as well. I luckily went online and found this awesome product called Active Bright. It is made of natural ingredients and is a super healthy and effective way to clean and whiten your teeth. Whether you have coffee stains or plaque build up, it’s great for whatever the issue may be!

We all want to have that perfect smile to show off to our friends.

I’m glad I purchased this and it’s actually SUPER CHEAP!  I got it for $10. ALSO, it shipped quickly. I was happy to find out it has 120 uses you can get out of it which makes it totally worth the buy. I seen results immediately after the first use. I’m going to use it sparingly until the wedding. Then I plan to use it daily for a couple weeks prior.

Bottom line, stop what you’re doing and buy Active Bright!

Try it out for yourself and comment below about your Active Bright experience!

16Jun 2017

Remove Your Unwanted Hair with Finishing Touch FLAWLESS!

Not only have I been able to try out Spin Spa recently but, I also came across this product called Finishing Touch Flawless. I actually found it on another new blog I’ve been following. Check out their beauty blog reviews here: Finishing Touch Flawless Reviews

Finishing Touch Flawless is the cutest little hair removal device I have ever gotten. I’ts by the Finishing Touch brand. I’ve seen their products before but, I finally bought this one. Mine is almost rose gold and gold. It’s super cute and literally looks like a lipstick.

I hate tweezers so much and for the longest time that is all I have been using. My mom told me that was the best way because, hair grows back thicker which, is a total myth. I found mine for about twenty bucks HERE. You just glide it over your skin in a circular motion back and forth and it pulls the hair right out. You CAN use it on thick hair or thin hair. My peach fuzz is really light but, I was able to remove the little hair abov my lip with this effortlessly.

Let’s just say, I finally showed this to my mom and she was impressed. No more tweezers for her. Hahaha. I love that it lights up to so I can look in the mirror and see exactly where my hairs are at. I hate having to use the light on my phone. Half the time the light is covered up by my hand.

I like being able to see what others think of the product too so, I’ve left a video below for you to check out. The girl in the video has dark hair but, it was able to be removed easily. The longer hairs took more time to remove. Shorter hairs are easier to remove. ALSO, it doesn’t cut you! I am able to touch it when it’s turned on with my bare finger and it doesn’t nick my skin at all, it’s totally safe. I’ve used finishing touch so far on my upper lip and chin hairs. I plan to check out how it works on my baby hairs and sideburns as well.

Please don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself and comment below letting me know about your Finishing Touch Flawless experience!

Check out a demo/review from YouTube I found of the product here:

Order Finishing Touch Flawless Here!!

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